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Hi there. I'm Roisin Farrell. No, that's not my real name. It's just my pen name. I live in the Seattle area, have a three crazy cats and a crazy dog. I like to write, read, blast music, take pictures when not working. Yes, I work in a kitchen and am a chef, mainly working catering/production. My job is a constant source of sometimes like and omg, I fucking hate it! It's not who I work with, it's who I work for. My boyos in the kitchen, I adore. My bosses, not at all. I love cooking and really enjoy doing it. (Ask my family and they will say that I don't enjoy cooking as I almost never do it at home. After working in a kitchen all fucking day, the last thing I want to do is come home and spend any more time in a kitchen but I digress). Since I work in a kitchen, I tend to swear. A lot. Just a warning. I don't even notice it anymore or the fact that it does indeed offend some people.

This journal will me rambling about whatever, life, work, music, and showcasing some of my photographs. Most of the posts will be friends locked. Want to be added? Drop a comment.

I spent entirely too much time over at
runaway_tales and the related communities of the_malt_shoppe and bunny_den. I also hang out at another nifty community called pulped_fictions. I'm also a mod over at WriYe. As you can see, writing is very important to me.

Summer Challenge 2015 Goals

So, I am going for  20 pieces total. There maybe more but 20 is the minimum goal. (And that's still one hell of a goal). It's going to be a combo of Level 1 and Level 4.

Level 1 is 10 different toppings/extras on 10 different peices.

Chopped Nuts
Rainbow Sprinkles
Whipped Cream
Gummy Bunnies

Level 4 is 10 different pieces with the same topping/extra.

I think I am going with either chopped nuts or rainbow sprinkles. I haven't quite decided yet.


I will update this with links once I get pieces posted.

Soft Serve 30

For my notes:

Soft Serve 30

1. Pistachio #2 (arrival/departure)

2. Vanilla #22 (gossip/a rumor)

3. Chocolate #4 (frustration)

4. Pistachio #25 (the morning after)

5. Blueberry Yogurt #10 (across the miles)

6. White Chocolate #5 (outrage)

7. Chocolate Chili #2 (covetousness)

8. Chocolate #2 (rivalry/jealousy)

9. Blueberry Yogurt #4 (a promise)

10. Chocolate #11 (confusion)

11. Pistachio #26 (taking a break)

12. Chocolate #9 (resentment)

13. White Chocolate #19 (rage)

14. Red Currant #13 (frost)

15. Vanilla #24 (a gift)

16. Fudge Ripple #10 (fear)

17. Cheeseburger #4 (kthxbai)

18. Fudge Ripple #23 (lust)

19. Vanilla #6 (dinner party)

20. Milk & Honey #12 (broken heart)

21. Pistachio #22 (caught off guard)

22. Rum Raisin #5 (daughter)

23. Chocolate #12 (understanding)

24. Rum Raisin #2 (father)

25. Peanut Butter #1 (fire)

26. Chocolate #3 (sympathy)

27. Blueberry Yogurt #8 (an inconvenience)

28. Red Currant #15 (force of nature)

29. Pistachio #28 (waiting)

30. Blueberry Yogurt #28 (for your own good)


Good bye B...


I've been meaning to write this for a while now...

Good bye my wonderful, loving Sweet Boy. Thank you for the nearly sixteen years of love, attention, purrs. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, constant companion. Thank you for helping me get through high school, helping me deal with losing Aunt Sally, for keeping Teddy in his place. Thank you for everything.

I had to say good bye to B last week, three days before I turned 31. He had cancer and his back legs were giving out on him and he needed help getting to the litter box and his food and water had to be brought to him. I had to make that terrible decision but I know it was the right one to make.

I don't know if I can say everything that he meant to me. He came into my life when I was fifteen, as a little tiny kitten who could fit into the palm of my hand. My mom bought him and his brother home one day, totally shocking me, my sister and the other two cats we had. Indy, the laid back dude he was, didn't bat an eye. Face, the prima donna that she was, hid under the bed for over a week sulking and pouting. That first night, B slept next to my head, purring all the while. I woke up and he was still purring. I became his human. He liked my mom and sister just fine but he would follow me around the house, wait for me to get out of the shower, sleep with me every night, wait for me to come home (he did that almost every day. There was something special about coming up the front walk and seeing B sitting in the front window and when he saw me, he would meow and smile.)

I'll miss you, B. Icky misses you. Teddy even misses you.


RaTs Summer Challenge Goals

To help me keep track since I can be scattered brained:

* Finish Red Currant, Chocolate, Fudge Ripple and Blueberry Yogurt.              
* Have two one prompt left in Red Currant DONE!             
* Have six five four three two one prompt left in Chocolate DONE!           
* Have five four three two one prompt left in Fudge Ripple DONE!            
* Have five four three two one prompt left in Blueberry Yogurt DONE!

* 3 Flavor Binges             
 * French Vanilla           
* Lemon-Lime Sorbet
* Cayenne *

1 Brownie

* 1 Milkshake

  * Ash and Paul action!

AHHHHH! I'm done! I did it!